IP: play.simplesurvival.eu

The idea

SimpleSurvival.eu is about reclaming the original legacy of minecraft multiplayer.
There is no large factions, no mcmmo, no confusing spawn, no prison, no economy system.
Server is placed in France, but we have players all over the world.
The server is whatever you want it to be. We aim at creating a tight knit community with the goal of creating landmarks together.
We have a friendly community thats willing to help and settle with new players, and a discord where people can chat together.


Our rules are very simple. We strive at giving you the best experience by trying to limit rules as much as possible.

No griefing/stealing. We have GriefPrevention and Lockette in place, which should in most cases protect builds, but if you do happen to wander upon an area that is not protected, you are still not allowed to grief/steal.

No hacking, exploting or otherwise giving yourself an unfair advantage. This includes glitching to the bedrock in nether. Minimaps are allowed.

Respect other peoples space. If you see someone is building a huge structure, don't build just outside their claiming area. You can use the dynmap to find a area with no people close by.

Use your common sense and act nicely. In general, just try to respect other people and act nicely. We are a community oriented server, so don't act like a dick. With that being said, there are no official barriers on what you can and can not say.

No PVP. PVP is disabled, but do not try to trap other people to kill them.